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Marie Pfeifer writes feature stories, covers community and civic events for regional newspapers and news media websites, including the Morris County Daily Record and the website.

She is the co-writer, and one of the narrators in a documentary, "The White Man on a Bicycle." It is the story of a handyman who was successful in raising funds and seeking the help of medical professionals in Western Africa, to provide medical care to the devastated people of Sierra Leone, after the ten-year "Blood Diamond" civil war ended.

Marie took a break from the adult world of writing, to slip into the rabbit hole of the magical world of the imagination of children to write a tribute to her oldest daughter, Clare. Clare's imagination as a child, along with her younger sister, Arlene, and family friend, Francesca, are the inspiration of her new book, "The Mystery of the Missing Chocolate Chips." The characters in the book are based on some of the toys they used in the creation of their stories.

When Marie is not dreaming up new mysteries for her characters she is sharing her love of reading, and of course, math, with first and second graders in an after school tutoring program sponsored by her Church, St. Peter's, Morristown, NJ.

She is the mother of three children, Clare (d 2008), Arlene and Ken and grandmother to three - Tim, Christine and Mike. Oh, and of course - grand dog, Indie.

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